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A Letter from the Director

Your support and sponsorship are the foundation of our young adult educational programs, providing funding for our unique apprenticeships, school field trips and workshops. Monthly community workshops and free daily demonstrations are held in glass sculpture, casting, and art metal in conjunction with printmaking and bookbinding, creating a hands-on experience in the studio space. Your tax deductible donation allows the school to continue to operate and provide quality instructors, and serves as a pillar to the faculty, staff, and volunteers who are the heart of our not-for-profit school and studio.

Membership Tier Levels & Descriptions

Educational Subscriber


At this level of donation, you will be allowed a $20.00 deduction from an adult six-week class during the fiscal year (September through May) or a $15.00 deduction from a young adult workshop. Additionally, Educational Subscribers are guaranteed first priority admission for seasonal Young Adult Workshop Programs, as well as preferential access to all upcoming workshop and class information.

Emerging Adventurer


This donation entitles you to design a colorful holiday ornament, multi-wrapped reflective paperweight sculpture, or lily flower. Same benefits as the Educational Supporter with advanced class schedules, including an invitation to preview receptions with glass and printmaking guest artists.

Art Enthusiast


Entitles you to $50.00 off one class tuition when you register for one six-week course per fiscal year (September through May), including our Two-Hour Walk-in Short Courses in torch working, paper marbling, monoprinting, stained glass or copper enameling. Includes benefits of Emerging Adventurer.

Associate Collector


Entitles you to a solid glass casting of a hand (ideal for special occasions and all ages; children and adults). Includes benefits of an Art Enthusiast.

Executive Collector


You will receive a two-hour private lesson with a distinguished glassblower or master-printmaker and 20% off a glass sculpture or a print designed by one of our master-artisans or visiting artists. You will have your choice of making a blown or sculpted glass form or creating a decorative monoprint. Executive Collectors are invited to exclusive gallery previews and demonstrations by visiting artists. Includes benefits of Associate Collector.

Artistic Merit Scholarships

Donor's discretion.

This donation is applied toward a scholarship in our glass, metal, and printmaking workshops, for a deserving young adult, recommended by one of several community organizations such as New Orleans Outreach, Each One Save One, and Summerbridge. The donation may also be used to offset the cost of an educational public school field trip with hands-on glassblowing and printmaking demonstrations.

Make a Gift to Our Scholastic Fund

As a business, corporation, foundation, or contributing individual, you can make a difference!

Public School Field Trip Sponsor

Sponsor "Hands-on in the Studio" field trips allowing students from area public schools to work with instructors in both the glass and printmaking studios. $400.00 allows thirty-five (35) students to participate in a glass school studio field trip.

Apprenticeship Instruction Scholarship

Provides a young adult with an instruction scholarship in glass sculpture, metal or printmaking classes, encouraging them to become an apprentice to a faculty member. The students are encouraged and nurtured to increase their skill level as they learn to assist the faculty throughout the year during school breaks and summer, eventually becoming a teacher’s assistant in classes & workshops to receive a stipend. $450.00 provides three (3) young adults with two hours instruction in the glass sculpture or printmaking studio.

Summer Glass & Metal Workshops

Your generous donation will make it possible for a deserving young adult recommended to the school to attend a summer workshop, making them eligible for our apprenticeship program. For $260.00, you can provide for one (1) young adult to attend one (1) week-long session in the New Orleans School of Glassworks's Young Adult Summer Workshop.