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Dr. Pojman pioneers new formula for mold-making

On Monday, May 11th, Dr. Pojman, Professor of Chemistry at LSU and owner of Pojman Polymer Products, visited the New Orleans Studio of Glassworks so as to test his formula for 3P QuickCure Clay, branded as "the only cure-on-demand sculpting clay for the innovative artist."

In attendance were Tina Crabtree of Pacific Glass, ceramicist Greg Giegucz, along with Glassworks faculty and staff.

For his demonstration, Dr. Pojman created a simple design for use as a one-part glassblowing mold. After Dr. Pojman cured the formula using only a heat gun, resident glassblower Kyle Herr oversaw the execution of four successful tests.

Molten glass from the studio's furnace was blown into the mold, producing a total of four cups. The one-part mold under no circumstances cracked.

Insofar as applications for the formula are concerned, there is seeming potential in manufacturing:

  • Prostheses, whether in the vein of bones or teeth
  • Glass casting of pentagonal drinking glasses, or other complex shapes such as fish or birds
  • Glass hand castings

alt="Dr. Pojman narrates a demonstration"
Dr. Pojman introduces his 3P QuickCure Clay.

alt="Glassblower Kyle Herr tests the mold"
Glassblower Kyle Herr tests Dr. Pojman's mold.

alt="Dr. Pojman blows molten glass into the mold"
Dr. Pojman blows molten glass into his mold.

alt="Glass form produced from mold"
Hot glass produced from the first test.

alt="Dr. Pojman churns hot glass"
Dr. Pojman rotates hot glass to preserve its form.

alt="The glow-in-the-dark powder works!"
The glow-in-the-dark powder works! Left: annealed cup exposed under blacklight. Right: phosphorescence.