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Visiting Artist: Robert Stern, Master Glass Sculptor


Our offices are excited to announce that Robert Stern will be visiting our studios in the week preceding—and through—Mardi Gras 2016! From February 2nd through the 10th, Mr. Stern will perform demonstrations and make himself available for your commissions.

New Orleans Glassworks & Printmaking Studio is excited to recount two days of spectacular glassblowing demonstrations by world-renowned master-craftsman, Robert Stern. Mr. Stern has taught at many professional and educational facilities around the world, including 25 summers of attendance at Pilchuck Glass School in the State of Washington.

Gearing up for an international itinerary of teaching opportunities, Stern teamed up with our resident gaffer, Kyle Herr (from Seattle), in a collaborative musical jazz glassblowing and sculpture demonstration on our hot shop studio floor.

These demonstrations were ongoing from opening hours through four o' clock, all of Wednesday, April 29th and Thursday, April 30th, 2015. As always, attendance to our open-working studios was open—free-of-charge—to all visitors.

Our studios garnered a robust turnout of guests. And needless to say, Stern's demonstrations were extraordinary.

Here, then, are to two great days and expectations for a great weekend. Happy Jazz Fest!

alt= Master glassblower Robert Stern torches the blowpipe.

alt= Master glassblower Robert Stern torches the punty.

alt= Resident glassblower Kyle Herr helps Robert Stern in initiating the crack-off.