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Glassblowing Season is Here!

Our Fall Glassblowing Season has begun! Sign up for a Glassblowing Short Course (for 1-8 people) and create your own handblown glass, including cups, goblets, pumpkins, ornaments, bowls, vases, paperweights, and more! No experience necessary. This is a spectacular hands-on experience to create handmade souvenirs from your trip or a great bonding activity with friends and family.

Create Handmade Glass in the Short Course!

Register for the Introduction to Venetian Glassblowing & Sculpture Extended Course to learn the fundamentals of the ancient art of blown glass. This 4-week hands-on course teaches beginners the basics of hot shop navigation and etiquette, including manipulation of the molten glass into forms. An Intermediate session is available with instructor approval to all students who take the Intro class.